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Boiler installation

Hot water supply is one of the main blessings of mankind. Unfortunately, central systems are not always able to provide housing to the full extent. Furthermore, it has the ability to periodically interrupt. That is why the installation of boilers is becoming increasingly popular.
When choosing the right water heating equipment, pay attention to the following factors on which the model and technical characteristics depend:
• The number of people who will need constant access to heated water;
• How many points in the house need to be provided with water (bath, shower, sink);
• Technical indicators of the electrical network of an apartment or house – cross-section, permissible load;
• Water quality in the house.

Who should carry out maintenance and clean the boilers?
The boiler is a technically sophisticated device. Self-installation or cleaning may not only prevent the device from working, but also put it out of operation. It will be more effective and practical to apply to our specialists who provide professional maintenance and repair of boilers. If improper self-installation or operation leads to a breakdown, then replacing equipment may require serious financial expenses.
Our masters can ensure the installation of electric boilers and their maintenance, so that your house always has an uninterrupted supply of warm and hot water at any time of the year. With a boiler, you will not depend on central water supply where you face very often constant repair work and water supply interruptions.

Connecting a boiler - why is it profitable to contact us?
The specialists of our company are qualified professionals. They know perfectly the structure of any water heater and water tank, its characteristics, the rules for installing, operating and cleaning the boiler. Work on the installation of equipment includes:
• Creating the necessary vents and fixtures;
• Installation of a water heating device;
• Installation in the water supply system;
• Creation of a separate line from the shield (if necessary).
We also replace the boiler in appropriate cases, if the old model is out of order. When working, we are guided by the principles of unconditional quality, responsibility, guarantee and a competitive price for the installation of boilers.

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