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Concrete works

All kinds of Concrete works in Tallinn are with a 30% discount. We respond quickly..
All types of concrete work in Tallinn with a quality guarantee
Concrete pouring is an integral stage of any construction. This concerns not only the foundation, but also the preparation of the floor in the erected building. It all starts with the preparation of concrete mix, which is most often bought directly with delivery in a mixer to the construction site. Next is the filling, for the implementation of which certain skills are required. An unprofessional approach can lead to unequal filling of the areas allocated for pouring, which is subsequently quite difficult to fix.
It is even more difficult to perform outdoor concrete works in the winter. It is simply impossible to do without qualified help, considering this fact additional stages of pouring - heating and material curing should be conducted. Therefore, even private developers who apply to specialized companies for the service act very reasonably.

Pouring concrete
бетонные работы в таллинне
It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are constructing the buildings; the floors in it should definitely be smooth and reliable. Not only basic convenience and aesthetic appearance, but also the full functioning of the installed furniture and appliances depend on this. Concrete floors can be poured on their own, however, if you don’t have enough experience, you risk spending even more time and effort on eliminating shortcomings.
Ajsan has been engaged in flooring and other types of concrete work in Tallinn for more than 20 years. We use modern equipment, work in compliance with all technologies and order independent technical supervision. As an additional service, we offer customers good discounts on the purchase of concrete from manufacturers, as well as ensure that the purchased material is of appropriate quality.

Concrete prices
The cost of any type of concrete work is calculated individually, depending on the type, volume and also on the distance of the object, if it is outside of Tallinn. Despite the fact that our prices are lower than the average for the city, we are ready to provide discounts to regular and high profile customers. We also have special prices for customers ordering a range of services: the discount for them increases in proportion to the order value.

Concrete work, CONCRETING, in-situ concrete works, concrete pouring - concrete laying work in the construction of reinforced concrete structures are widely used for the construction of almost all the civil, industrial and commercial construction projects. In construction, concrete work usually takes from ten to fifty percent of all work. In the production of concrete, placing a concrete in foundation, floors, stairs, basement, grillages, walls is required. Therefore, it is very important to comply with the technology of concrete work in order to prevent premature deterioration to the house.

We provide a full range of services for concrete work and concreting in Tallinn::бетонные полы в таллинне
Constructing in-situ concrete stairs
Constructing the strip foundation
Concrete pouring services
Concreting walls and floor slabs
Laying out and concreting grillages and piles
Structuring reinforcement cage
Concreting foundations
Small concrete work
Pouring concrete screed
Constructing the foundation of in-situ plates
Concrete pouring services
Diamond drilling of holes in concrete
Concreting walls and ceilings
Concreting in-situ columns
Laying out and concreting of piles and grillages
Foundation concreting
Strip foundation
Any other types of concrete work
To make preliminary calculations of the cost of concrete pouring, contact us.

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Бетонные работыБетонные работыБетонные работыБетонные работы