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Construction of external water supply networks

Construction of external water supply networks (sewerage, waste water, drainage)
строительство наружних сетей водопровода
In the construction of any residential, office or industrial building, the procedure for constructing waterways has a crucial role, since this is one of the engineering networks, without which it is impossible to fully operate a single space where people spend a lot of time. The design of the system, its installation, as well as start-up must be carried out by specialists, as correction of defects after putting the spaces into operation is much more laborious and financially expensive than in the process of setting it up.

Where may you order the construction of water supply and sewerage in Tallinn?
Procedural violations, which are sometimes allowed by non-professionals in the design and construction of wastewater systems, can lead to serious consequences, such as a shutdown of the production line, environmental pollution (during the sewerage breakthrough), flooding of premises, damage to furniture and appliances. So that you can avoid such situations, Ajsan company is ready to offer a comprehensive solution - turnkey construction of external water supply networks.
Experienced engineers with many years of experience will prepare a project for you and make calculations for the consumption of materials, and the organization manager will tell you where it is better to get them at an affordable price. In the process of constructing waterways and wastewater systems, we use modern technological equipment, comply with standards and sanitary norms. When laying a sewer pipe we take into account such moments as the correctness of slopes, places for the prevention of blockages, smoothness of turns and so on.

How much does the construction of waterways and drainage systems cost?
прокладывание канализации
Ajsan company has been operating in the Tallinn market for over 20 years. Well-established partnerships with suppliers of equipment and consumable materials, as well as a permanent staff of qualified employees, allow us not to overstate the cost of work and offer the services at low prices.
We value our own reputation, therefore we carry out all types of work at the highest level and provide a guarantee supplemented by the contract. The price specified in the contract does not change unilaterally during the execution of work. To make a calculation of the cost of building sewage and waterways, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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