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Defrosting pipes

The Ajsan company provides a full range of plumbing services, one of which is steam defrosting. This procedure is especially in demand before winter starts. By submitting an application in our company, you can be sure that assistance will be provided promptly and with high quality.

Defrosting frozen sewage system
разморозка труб паром
Speaking about the reasons for the freezing of pipelines, keep in mind the following factors most often:

too close to the surface of the pipes without taking into account the depth of freezing;
slow passage of sewage water through pipes due to lack of slope;
internal icing due to blockages and stagnation of frozen water;
lack of heating or insufficient amount of insulation.
Is your sewage system frozen? Often the owners of private houses who have not drained water from the pipeline system during the period of inactivity face such a problem. No particular difficulties arise if the freezing of the pipe is determined in a visually accessible place. But in the case when this happened under a meter layer of land, professional competent plumbing services are essential.

Ajsan – prompt assistance for pipe defrosting
Calling plumbing at Ajsan is the best way to defrost pipes with a high quality and at an affordable price. To solve this problem highly qualified masters with all the equipment at hand will quickly carry out diagnostics on your site. After finding the problem site, a comprehensive defrost will be carried out in connection with the pipe from the outside and from the inside:

external kindling of frozen sewage is carried out using an industrial building hair dryer;
the internal defrosting of the pipeline consists in supplying a pressure of hot steam through an elastic hose inserted into the frozen pipe.
  An electric transformer is used to defrost metal pipes
  In more difficult situations, if pipes are frozen, special equipment is used for crushing ice and a steam generator. It is almost impossible to cope with the problem on your own and restore trouble-free operation for a long time. Therefore, asking the question: how to defrost pipes, the right solution would be to call a plumber from the Ajsan company.

The advantages of our services are as follows:

we will quickly process the request for a call and send professional plumbers;
we will carry out the whole range of work in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of quality;
we have an acceptable price range for all types of services.
Call the contact phone at any convenient time and get emergency help in defrosting pipes with steam from highly qualified masters!