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Design repair of balconies

The design of the balcony: stylish and practical
The widespread tradition of using a balcony space mainly as an additional pantry for storing obsolete items or home cooking is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Now more and more families are eager to use this area to create a cozy corner for relaxation, an improvised cabinet, a winter garden, the best place for morning coffee or unhurried evening tea parties.

Types of balconies
What style of decoration is more suitable for your balcony? What types of work will be required in each case? There are three possible options:
1. An open balcony, on which you can equip a summer terrace, a place for relaxation or even a sports ground, most likely will require the installation of a forged or in-situ parapet, wall decoration, as well as replacement of the floor covering. When choosing materials, they prefer moisture-resistant paints. For the floor, ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles are the best choice.
2. A closed unheated balcony, which will require well-designed and effective heat and sound isolation of the walls, the installation of floor-to-ceiling or single glazing, will allow you to equip a playroom for the child or the extension to the kitchen-dining room. Effective heat isolation allows you to use the balcony space in the cold season.
3. A heated glazed balcony allows you to realize any of your fantasies. You can make it a part of a walkthrough room, or, on the contrary, create a cozy private corner for a relaxing time, focused work or gatherings with friends over a cup of tea.
Big problems of small space

The designer balconies shown in the photo convincingly prove: even the smallest room can become incredibly cozy, stylish, comfortable and elegant. What style of decoration do you choose? Will it be a combination of concise and clear shapes and contrasting colors or perhaps you prefer soft lines and pastel shades? In achieving this goal, literal every detail is important, every detail - from the choice of heat insulation thickness to the safe and convenient location of lamps and sockets.

It is no secret that the magical transformation of an ordinary typical balcony into a small island of coziness and comfort is not only a time-consuming process, but also very expensive. To the best, you can easily entrust the restoration of the balcony of an old mansion, as well as the creation of the most modern design of the balcony to professionals who by using knowledge and experience will be able to take into account all the nuances, achieve maximum harmony even in a very limited space.
Our company will complete the design of balconies in your chosen style taking into account all your wishes. Contact us to clarify all the details and place your order.

As a rule, for many of us, a balcony is a place where unnecessary things that not have a heart to throw away are held. But at the same time, the balcony can be a great place for rest and relaxation. Even a few square meters will be useful in a small apartment. In this review, we have collected 20 real ideas on how to transform the balcony, thereby getting rid of all the useless things in house.

1.Balcony - porch

summer balcony with plants
If you make glass in the entire height of the balcony, it will look very beautiful.


2. Balcony for a housewife

old style balcony with flowers

This option is suitable for enjoying the scenery from the window and attracts with the capacity of a cabinet and mini-shelves.


3. 3. Balcony for relaxation

balcony with plants and chair
The basket-chair speaks for itself; nothing more is needed to relax.

4. Small-sized balcony

balcony with a picture, plant and armchair

It does not require anything huge for a balcony, a coffee table and a basket-chair and nothing more.

5.Balcony with mini-gardens

flowers in the balcony
If you like to dig into the ground, but live in an apartment and do not have your own summer cottage, then the mini-front garden on the balcony will only be a joy for you.

6. Balcony with flower plantings

summer balcony with flowers
At the entrance to such a bright and planted balcony, summer will always be felt.


7. Shelves with flowers in pots instead of cabinets on the balcony

renovated balcony with flowers

Do not clutter up the walls with cabinets on the balcony; decorate the wall with a wonderful composition of flowers in pots.

8. Balcony in purple color

balcony with blue armchair and plants
The open balcony in lilac tones will perfectly fit at any time of the year.


9. Stylish and bright balcony

balcony with jalousie and plants
The design of such a balcony in bright and colorful colors will surprise any guest and will always delight your eye.

10. Balcony decorated as a female corner

balcony with red armchair and plants

A little magic, a little pink notes and a balcony for girls and women is ready.

11. Workplace on the balcony

balcony with a desk and an armchair
Put a table, put up a couple of shelves and a comfortable chair - the workplace is ready.

12. Spacious balcony with wood elements

renovated new style balcony
Spacious, bright and comfortable balcony for tea drinking for the whole family


13. Balcony - room

balcony in room style

On such a balcony you can place relatives or guests who stay till late at night.

14. Wooden balcony

spectacular balcony made of wood
A simple, but at the same time spectacular balcony made of wood, without anything extra things in it


15. A balcony for rest

sofa in the entire length of the balcony

Having installed a balcony sofa in the entire length of the balcony, you can take a nap there and read your favorite book, dropping into it.

16. Mini-office on the balcony

work room style balcony
Here you can work quietly and calmly and your home bustle will remain outside the walls.


17. Spacious and simple balcony

An ideal balcony for breakfast at dawn
An ideal place for breakfast at dawn.

18. Balcony without excessive effort

night style balcony

What else is needed, silence, a favorite book and a night city spread out before the eyes.

19. Spacious and comfortable balcony

old style balcony with an armchair
Spending time on such a balcony is a pleasure.

20. The modern design of the present
The combination of dark and light design elements is now at the peak of popularity.
Enjoying your balcony in the evenings is a great idea. However, do not forget that it should be warm and dry.

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