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Elimination, clearing of blockage

All kinds of plumbing services are with a 30% discount. We respond quickly.

The toilet or the bathroom is clogged; doesn’t the water go down? Water accident is an everyday matter. Each of us faced such problems. Sooner or later, clogging occurs in everyone. In these cases, it is better to apply to professionals for assistance and most importantly - do it on time.
  The specialists of our company will eliminate any blockage quickly and completely inexpensively. We have an individual approach to each client and a flexible pricing policy.

Highly qualified specialists and professional tools
The company offers qualified plumbing assistance of specialists with many years of experience and practice at reasonable prices. Our plumbers have all the necessary equipment and tools to eliminate pipe clogging. In addition to the traditional sewer cable, we use special electromechanical devices designed to clean the external and internal sewer networks. Such devices help us to quickly deal with blockage of any complexity. Such equipment can be used not only for cleaning inter-floor clogging in multi-storey buildings, but also in private cottages.

Application form for plumbing
устранение заторов канализационной трубы

Our company, in addition to eliminating clogging in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet, offers a wide range of plumbing services.
We carry out:
 Installation of heating systems of various types and difficulties;
 Installation and repair of sewage, water supply and plumbing equipment;
 Installation of ceramic bathroom fittings, water meters and radiators;
 Wall chasing under pipes;
 Collector wiring and wiring of sewer pipes;
 Installation of water filters.
In addition, we carry out minor urgent repairs quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Our experts are ready to help at any time convenient for you.

Contact us by phone +272 6 33 22 11