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Installation of floor heating

Today, it is underfloor heating that is the most profitable area heating system. It is known for certain that it is better to use floor heating for warming up a house than radiators. There are several good reasons for this: the area warms up more evenly, air movement weaker and respectively, the dust does not rise. In addition, the radiators do not look very aesthetically pleasing. They are also not able to warm the cold floor, with which the tenant is constantly in contact and they forcingly wear slippers.

установка подогрева пола
Water or electric floor heating?
First of all, you need to decide on whether you need to install an electric or water floor heater. The effectiveness of both methods is about the same, but the price varies.
  If you decide to organize floor heating in the bathroom or in another small area of ​​the house, then an electric heating cable will be the best choice, since its installation is much simpler and cheaper in terms of purchasing material. You do not need to split deep channels for laying the cable, as in the case with water heating. In addition, underfloor heating with electricity will not consume much energy when it comes to bathrooms.
  In large rooms, such as a living room, bedroom, dining room, it is best to organize the installation of water floor heating. Let the purchase of material cost a little more and the installation itself will require more skills, but the operation of such a system will cost you many times cheaper than electric floor heating. Unfortunately, the consequences of damage to the pipes are more serious and repairs, in general, are more expensive.

The price of floor heating in wooden structures and stone houses
подогрев пола в деревянных конструкциях
Water heated in pipes keeps heat for some time and does not require constant energy consumption. Therefore, the cost of water heating is much lower than electric. And if natural gas is used as an energy source, then your costs will be minimal.
As for floor heating for wooden floors, there is no single solution. It all depends on whether you are ready for waste of big finance and time during installation in favor of future savings, or you prefer a simple inexpensive installation and significant energy costs in the future. Noting that to conduct water heating in an apartment building will not be realized without acquiring work credentials and paying a state duty, which is not required if your choice is an electric heating.
Torudeabi24 company is ready to offer you a comprehensive solution to the heating issue based on your budget. Contact us and our manager will offer you the best option, as well as make a preliminary cost calculation.

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