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Installation of radiators

Heating radiators bring the necessary heat to the home when it is cold in the street. But water hardness, prolonged use and the gradual accumulation of rust can disable them. In order not to remain without heating in the winter the installation of radiators is required. The mechanisms may vary in several parameters:
• Material - the most popular are cast-iron or aluminum devices;
• Section length;
• Throughput capacity;
• The presence of a thermostat;
• Type of connection.

How is it possible to connect the radiator?
Despite a fairly simple external device, radiator is complex mechanical equipment that requires extremely correct and professional installation. Attempting to install it yourself can lead to an unpleasant consequence. Our specialists will replace radiators according to all instructions, which will ensure long and uninterrupted operation.
The complete process includes several complex steps:
• Dismantling old batteries from a disconnected network;
• Installation of all necessary equipment, pipe-laying;
• Installation of central heating radiators;
• Water runoff as a test run.

Advantages of contacting us for replacement and repair of radiators
Our skilled masters perform the necessary work both in residential premises, offices or industrial buildings. Plumbers working in our company have long experience in similar work. In addition to the installation and maintenance of heating systems, we carry out cleaning of radiators. Such a measure will make it possible to check the readiness of the equipment for the winter season, as well as to “break through” possible stagnation due to water hardness or rust. In addition, we connect the necessary additional equipment, in particular, we carry out the installation of a radiator thermostat.
Working with us is the key to the quality of services, warranty on devices and reasonable prices.

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