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Insured accident - assessment and repair

Completed repairs in an apartment or house are a dream of any owner, but calm and regular life can be disrupted by unforeseen insurance events: flood, fire, etc. Flooding occupies a huge percentage of cases - up to 90% of emergency situations.

As a result, personal items, purchased furniture, room decoration, types of household appliances, windows, flooring and doors suffer. To restore all this will require not only cash, but also strength.

ремонт после страхового случая Remember to keep receipts for materials that were purchased. If the work was performed by the organization, you save the contract. These documents do not take up much space, but they gain importance in the current situation. They will be useful in determining property damage.
To receive a complete package of compensation from the insurance company and to carry out repairs on an insured accident, it is necessary to draw up a full assessment of the damage caused. The situation is complicated by the interaction with neighbors who have become the cause of the problem, legal actions are possible.
Where should you start restoration work? Where should you find qualified professionals? These issues need to be addressed immediately. Insured repairs require a careful approach. It is almost impossible to independently carry out such work, as knowledge in the field of construction and practical experience are necessary.
Minor damage can be resolved without an insurance company. The primary task is to eliminate the causes and consequences of the emergency situation. A construction expert will evaluate the current condition of the apartment.

The Ajsan company carries out a wide range of services, such as:
• Roofing of varying complexity;
• Installation and repair of plumbing;
• Elimination of blockages;
• High-quality repair of household appliances;
• Construction work, etc.

We will help to assess the damage caused and make a price offer for the insurance company. Need to restore an apartment? No problem! A guarantee is provided for the work performed and a flexible system of discounts exists. Our cooperation with suppliers guarantees reasonable prices for materials.

The specialists of the Ajsan company are ready to help and solve the problem as soon as possible. We have long experience in carrying out construction works of various nature and value the time of our customers.

You can evaluate our advantages by contacting the indicated phone. Our support team is open 24/7.