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Pipe freezing

Professional pipe freezing performed by Ajsan plumbers is a critical operation to create an ice plug to stop fluid circulation. This is a prerequisite for the implementation of work on the replacement of radiators and various repair activities. The high-tech equipment used by us allows you to quickly and competently freeze any type of pipe made of plastic, steel, cast iron, lead, copper, aluminum and other materials.

Pipe freezing - technology заморозка труб
Upon reaching the address for freezing work, masters from Ajsan will quickly diagnose the equipment for determining the scope of work. The technology features of the freezing procedure are as follows:
• Freezing work is performed using a modern compressor apparatus, while measuring the pipe gap from the ice accumulation to the welding site
- At least one meter to prevent depressurization;
• Fittings and valves are fixed at a distance of about 100 mm from the accumulation of frozen water;
•The ferrules are fastening to the pipe with fixing them with screws and clamps;
• activate the compressor with a refrigerant, which creates a temperature of up to - 300C;

The entire freezing process is controlled by experienced masters by using dosing valves. Formed corks made of ice can withstand pressure up to 8-10 atmospheres without signs of bursting pipes.

Advantages of the pipe freezing service from Ajsan
Being a significant preparatory procedure during a wide range of repair work, the pipeline should be frozen by experienced plumbers in compliance with all rules and norms. They emphasize the quality of compressor apparatus. Masters of "Ajsan" come to the call with the devices "Rems". This system for defrosting pipes of the latest generation has already proved itself all over the world during preventive and repair works on pipelines, so providing punctual icing of high strength.

When ordering a service from us, you get:
• Competent approach to the implementation of the task by high-level specialists;
• Quick deadlines, regardless of the complexity of the work;
• Flexible system of discounts for all the services.

Reliable freezing of any section of the pipeline - this is our work with a guarantee of quality! Call and get detailed information on this service!