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Repair and replacement of pipes

Repair and replacement of pipes
In today's world, piping is still the issue of the day. In some cases, metal pipes installed since Soviet times are tales of the past. These cases include early installation of low-quality pipes or poor-quality work. But most importantly, any of these problems can be solved!

In new buildings, water and sewer pipes are usually installed in advance before the start of repairs. Places for the location of plumbing are determined, wiring is made. An ideal way to place pipes is to hide them in boxes in the wall. You can control the process of buying and installing the pipeline, making sure that everything is done efficiently.

If you decide to repair the bathroom and the kitchen in the already built house, then you must start it by checking and replacing the pipes. It will be very disappointing if, upon the repair being completed, the pipe leaks. In this case, you will have to start all the work again.
We work with pipes of various types: polypropylene, metal-plastic, steel and others. We offer you a full range of services for working with water and sewer pipes:

Distribution and installation of pipes
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Plumbing works
Pipeline repair
Replacing water pipes
Replacing sewer pipes
Replacing accessories (taps, nuts, etc.)
Our experts will quickly and efficiently perform all the works and help to forget about these problems for many years. We employ top-class professionals who know all the details of the replacement and repair of the pipeline.
Replacing pipes involves several steps:
1. Inspection of the pipeline by the master.
2. Drawing up a draft or estimate for future work.
3. Dismantling of old pipes.
4. Installation of new pipes.
5. Testing the water supply or sewer systems.
The master will tell you which pipes are best to use, tell you about all the pros and cons, and advise on all your questions.

Do not delay repair work!

Pipeline maintenance should always be done in due time, otherwise the damage can be quite large.

Our team will help you with this! All kinds of plumbing services are with a 30% discount. We respond quickly.

Torudeabi company- We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Pipe assistance
Plumbing works
Pipe works
Removal of sewage blockages
Emergency systems for utility systems
Plumbing repairs
Boiler installation, maintenance, repair
Water filter change
Radiator replacement, installation
Boiler installation and repair
Sink installation