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Repair of apartments and offices

Turnkey apartment decoration in Tallinn -30%!
Do you want to change something in your life and don’t know where to start? Start by repairing the apartment. Our company guarantees unexceptional apartment renovation in Tallinn of any complexity.

You can order not only cosmetic, but also turnkey complete overhaul from us. We work on individual design projects and carry out partial repairs of the room, bathroom, kitchen, protruding and recessed balconies, as well as wallpapering, painting walls, ceilings and floors, electrics, etc.                   Expert level professionals. Our highly qualified masters with long experience in construction and finishing works guarantee high quality, reliability and durability of apartment renovation. A specialist of the company will take free measurements, calculate the repair of the apartment and make a detailed estimate of cost.

Our cohesive team is a high level of security, comfort and affordable cost.
We work so that you feel the warmth and comfort in your own apartment. Entrust repair to us and we will take care of every meter of your accomodation.

Short deadlines and competitive prices.
Terms of repair and commissioning are strictly prescribed and become fixed in the contract. Such a strategy allowed us to take one of the leading positions in the market of construction services in Tallinn and significantly raise the bar for the quality of repair works without increasing their cost.
The clients remain satisfied with our cooperation and recommend our services to their friends, neighbors and acquaintances, since our price for apartment renovation fully corresponds with its quality.

Repair Stages:
Usually apartment renovation is divided into several stages.
The first stage is preparatory work. At the first and very crucial stage, dismantling operation is carried out. When preparing the premises for repair, electrical wiring and internal sewage are laid.
The second stage is a rough finish (shell and core condition). At this stage, the preparation of walls, floors and ceilings for finishing is carried out - internal walls and partitions are erected and leveled, then they are plastered and filled with putty, a rough floor cement screed is produced.
The third stage is the fine finishing. After the walls, floor and ceiling are prepared, communications are carried out, fine finishing is carried out - tiles and laminate are laid, doors are mounted. The workers will be concerned about lighting fixtures, switches and sockets, install all the necessary plumbing and equipment. After the apartment is repaired by our experienced masters, the room takes on a final look, you just have to select and arrange the necessary furniture.

One of the priorities of our activity is the implementation of high-quality complete overhaul of apartments of any complexity, which, of course, includes repair and finishing work of the elite class in residential and non-residential premises. Our specialization is internal finishing work, which we carry out with absolute impeccability and on time, we give a guarantee for all work. We are sure that by placing an order with us, you will soon be able to see that the results of our work have exceeded all even your wildest expectations!

In the shortest possible time and at a high quality level, we will perform:
office decoration and industrial renovation;
dismantling of structures;
the construction of new walls and partitions;
painting and plastering;
installation of false ceilings;
electric installation work;
plumbing work;
tile laying;
parquet work;
repair in new buildings
renovation of individual target rooms such as bathroom and kitchen, etc.

We are ready to undertake repairs at any stage, as well as perform individual repair and finishing works. We promise what we can and we do more than we promise! You can contact us at any time to ask questions to our qualified specialists or to place an order.

Contact us by phone: +372 5627 39 39