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Replacing a water meter

Replacing a water meter is necessary for those whose meters have not passed the test, were installed incorrectly, went out of order or when their expiration dates expired. For each meter, a certain period is set, after which the manufacturer does not guarantee the accuracy of the indicators. For water meters, it is usually set at 4 years for hot and 6 years for cold water. Upon expiration replace it!

How should water meters be installed?
Despite the fact that the meter itself is a compact device and its internal design is not very complicated, the installation of water meters is enough difficult process, in which it is necessary to observe pinpoint accuracy and instructions. This is the only way to guarantee a correct information read-out and a long service life. In order to avoid troubles, it is worth applying exclusively to professionals. Plumbers of our company are ready to make a complete replacement at a high level of quality and with guarantees. Majority is concerned about the financial side of installing a water meter; the price of our company is competitive and affordable.

Is water meter repair necessary?
Even before the devices fail functioning or expire, equipment repairs may be required. The most common problems are:
• calibration malfunction when the accuracy of information read-out is reduced;
• violation of patency due to rust or hard water;
• excessive data reduction or overstatement of data.
Applying to our experts, you have a right to rely on:
• timely response and visit;
• a full range of works on the installation or repair of meters, including connection and sealing;
• commissioning with the preparation of the relevant act;
• extremely high quality of work;
• guaranteed results.
Repair of water meters, as well as replacement, should not be carried out independently without the necessary knowledge and qualifications, as this can only make matters worse. Contact our plumbers and you will get a high-quality result in a short time and at affordable prices.

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