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Cleaning services

One of the priority services provided by Ajsan is a comprehensive clean-up in residences, offices and retail spaces using modern equipment. Our cleaning service of premises in the capital of Estonia and other cities at an affordable price is a stellar result at an affordable cost. Our goal is high quality, flexible system of discounts and maximum friendly relations with customers. This allowed us with certainty to differentiate ourselves from our main competitors in this market segment!

Professional cleaning of premises
уборка помещений, мытьё окон фото
We managed to achieve a well-deserved standard in the field of cleaning in Estonia. If we talk about office cleaning, Tallinn, as a major capital city, leads in the number of orders. But residents of other populated areas. We demonstrate a more reasonable price range than the main cleaning companies in Tallinn. And this applies to all types of services, including:
• clearing and snow removal;
• cleaning of soft furniture and carpets;
• liberation of the territory from construction waste and its removal;
• cleaning of offices, retail, office spaces and bureaus;
• clean-up  in all rooms of the apartment and country house;
• removal and disposal of warehouse waste, and other types of services.
A team of trained employees working harmoniously under the guidance of a master will arrive in your territory at a predetermined time. Our customers never adjust to the visit, on the contrary - we find ourselves at the right time in the right place. An office repair is expected and will have to get rid of garbage, or free the territory from trash after moving? Just give us a call and state your desired visit time. In addition to timely cleaning assistance, our company experts will provide a number of other services, a list of which can be found on our website!

The advantage of working with Ajsan
Our priorities are high speed of work and the most reasonable price for cleaning. The advantages of the request are as follows:
• clear planning of all production processes and following them;
• competent selection of cleaning products and technologies;
• use of the latest equipment;
• high professionalism of employees.

Ordering a monthly or weekly cleaning service from us, you will ensure a decent view of the apartment, office and any production area. We give our customers a discount of up to 50%, saving them money and time. Call us now and see for yourself the high level of our service!

Cleaning of all rooms and windows is with 50% discount in the districts of Tallinn
We offer daily complex cleaning services for office and retail premises and do our best to make clients feel more comfortable at their workplaces. Indeed, not everyone knows that when washing or cleaning any coating, there are their own special technologies, special modern equipment, suitable detergents and cleaning products, using which the best effect is achieved that is not comparable to cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner or a floor cloth. Thus, cleaning services save you money, because proper professional care is always cheaper than repair.
We offer various cleaning services. If you need a one-time or monthly cleaning, contact us.
Cleaning of apartments and houses:
monthly sanitary cleaning;
weekly cleaning;
special cleaning work;
cleaning of soft furniture and carpets;
window cleaning;
Cleaning at the office / construction site:
cleaning after construction;
general cleaning in the office;
window cleaning;
monthly sanitary cleaning;
weekly cleaning.
Order cleaning work from us - a clean house and a clean office.
We guarantee a high quality! This is achieved through clear planning of all processes, the implementation of the latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the professionalism of our employees.
Contact us by phone!
Tel +372 5627 39 39
 Send your request to email ajsan@ajsan.ee