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Plumbing works in Tallinn

All kinds of plumbing services are with a 30% discount. We respond quickly.

Ajsan in Tallinn offers its services in the prevention and necessary repair of sanitary equipment to residents of the city and the surrounding area.
    The extensive list of our services includes work of any level of complexity:
    - elimination of blockages and leaks;
    - repair, dismantling and replacement of plumbing equipment;
    - installation of showers, bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers, followed by connection to water supply systems;
     - maintenance of heating and sewer systems;
    - replacement of pipes, risers, water meters and other types of services.
    Long-term experience of efficient work in providing specialized plumbing operation implies the timely execution of guaranteed work in the shortest possible time, taking into account the wishes and needs of our customers!
    The cost of the plumbing work carried out corresponds to the complexity of the problem. It’s nice when all the equipment works in an operative automatic mode: there is no leakage anywhere, there are no problems with the toilet and household appliances!
    Unfortunately, all devices and equipment sometime fail to function properly and then - we are ready to come to your help!
    Our comprehensive and responsible approach to performing various kinds of operations will provide you with guaranteed quality of the service delivered!
    Entrusting the plumbing work to professionals, you will receive the desired result in a timely manner, allowing you to ensure a sufficiently long operation of all plumbing equipment, thus minimizing maintenance costs!


Ajsan company- We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Pipe assistance
Plumbing works
Pipe works
Removal of sewage blockages
Emergency systems for utility systems
Plumbing repairs
Boiler installation, maintenance, repair
Water filter change
Radiator replacement, installation
Boiler installation and repair
Sink installation

Contact us by telephone  6 33 22 11