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Containers for rent

Container rental in Tallinn. Low prices quickly and efficiently. We rent containers for household waste, as well as containers for construction waste and waste from the demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures. We offer containers of various sizes, the volume of which varies from 2.5 to 30 m3. The cost of transportation for each type of container is determined separately.

Construction waste removal!

Removal of construction waste is considered a simple matter if it is carried out by experienced professionals. Applying to our company you surely receive service according to European standards: low prices and highly qualified staff. The main goal of the company is to minimize the negative impact of humans on the environment. In order to achieve this goal, innovative methods for the collection, removal and disposal of waste are introduced and used. Construction waste can be removed in a container with top tanks both for small garbage collection and for bulky waste.

According to the most modern technology garbage removal and its subsequent disposal are carried out by using special containers. For effective and efficient work, the employees of our company use the most advanced computer and telegraph communications technology which allows us to control and manage resources without financial and time losses for the customer and the company. The qualified personnel quickly respond to changing circumstances which allows you to quickly rearrange the schedule and form of service.

The specialists of the technical department of our company in cooperation with you will carry out a convenient calculation of the contract both financially and technologically. The managers will not only provide support, but also clearly explain the scheme of mutual action. The company guarantees long fruitful cooperation, low prices and high quality work.

Contact us by phone +372 5627 39 39 or send your questions t0 info@ajsan.ee

You can order containers of the following types:
Garbage container for the collection and temporary storage of waste 0.8 m3
Garbage container with a volume of 0.8 m3
Lifting capacity 0.35 tons
It is used for collection and temporary storage of household garbage (MSW) and food waste


Containers for the collection of construction waste 8 m3
8 m3 waste container
Lifting capacity 5 tons
It is used to collect construction waste, snow, ice and municipal solid waste (MSW)

Hopper of construction waste disposal 20 m3:
The hopper (container) of waste disposal with a volume of 20 m3
Lifting capacity 18 tons
It is ordered for collection and removal for recycling of construction waste, soil, snow


Trash bin for bulky garbage container 27 m3:
Trash bin with a volume of 27 m3
Lifting capacity 18 tons
It is convenient for the collection and removal of soil, clay, snow, scrap metal, bulky garbage

Garbage container for industrial waste 30 m3 container:
Garbage container with a volume of 30 m3
Lifting capacity 18 tons
It is ordered for the removal of large volumes of soil, sand and industrial waste