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Plumbing, construction, electrical work -30%
We provide a wide range of services: plumbing, construction, concrete, electrical works, repair of household appliances with high quality. We also give a guarantee for our work. You can find all the services on our price list. We are here to serve and support 24/7!
In Tallinn and Tartu, the transportation costs are FREE! We also serve outside the areas of Tallinn and Tartu, but in this case, the client pays the shipping costs. Our company cooperates with regular suppliers of building and finishing materials with which stable partnerships are established. Thanks to this, you can always rely on the quality and competitive cost of the materials used by us in the work. To take advantage of our benefits, just call or send a request directly from the site so that we can contact you and start discussing your tasks.
NEW! We make agreements without a monthly fee for the apartment associations.
Torudeabi24.ee OÜ also provides services to eliminate any problems with the sewer system. The services include the following types of work:
  • Professional assistance in the recovery of non-toxic domestic and industrial waste:
  • Pressure flushing of sewer pipelines and wells
  • Fecal removal
  • Cleansing of the drainage wells
  • Hydraulic-pressure test of external routes
  • Fat Collector
  • Cleansing of pumping system
  • Elimination of sewage blockages
We guarantee a high quality! We achieve the services provided through clear planning of all the processes, implementation of the latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the professionalism of our employees.
Contact us by phone  +372 627 39 39 or send your questions to our email ajsan@ajsan.ee