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Roofing, roof repair

Roofing installation and repair, facades with a -30% discount
We are always ready to promptly and efficiently perform the work and provide a guarantee to our customers, which allows you to save your time and money, while achieving excellent results.

The roof is a complex, multi-layer design. There is even such an expression - "roofing pie." As a rule, such a “pie” consists of a base, a vapor barrier layer and a layer with insulation, roofing. In addition, the rain ware system and wind protection can complement the design. Such a design should reliably protect the structure and work without leakage during the entire period of operation.

Modern technologies for the production of roofing materials are constantly changing. The technical and physical characteristics of the materials are upgraded, the guaranteed life of the materials is increased and the technologies for using materials in construction are simplified. When repairing a soft roof, one of the most important conditions for its long service after repair is how carefully the dismantling of the old roof was done, how preparations were made for applying new roofing.
In this case, the quality of the work performed depends on the qualifications of the superintendent of the work. That is why it is necessary to entrust roofing work only to professionals.

Our experts have rich and successful experience in construction work related to roof repair which together with modern technologies and responsible approach to work, allows us to eliminate damage to the roofing in the shortest possible time. Specialists of our company will qualitatively perform all necessary roof repair work. During repair work, we use only proven and high-quality materials and compliance with technological processes in accordance with Construction Standards and Regulations allows us to give a guarantee for the work performed that is correlated in time to the warranty declared by the manufacturer for the material.
Only the work of professionals from our company will allow you to increase the operating life of the roof.

We offer the following types of roofing:
• All types of roof repair;
• The device of roofs from rolled and mastic materials;
• Roofs made of polymer and emulsion-bitumen compositions;
• Roof device made of asbestos-cement corrugated sheets;
• Installation of drains;
• Roofing from piece materials;
• Installation of roof parts from metal sheets;

Prices for roofing work largely depend on such factors as:
• Scope of repair and construction works;
• The complexity of the work;
• Specific deadlines;

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