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Wells (sale and installation)

If you need a sewer well, we are pleased to offer you our services. Contact us by phone  +372 627 39 39  or send your questions to info@ajsan.ee

During the construction of cottages and country houses, the problem of water supply often arises. Everyone solves it in their own way, but the most suitable option is the construction of a well. Most times concrete wells are being built nowadays. For the construction of concrete wells, special concrete rings are used.

Reinforced concrete well rings are made of concrete of the corresponding marks with the use of grids of reinforcing steel from 0.6 to 10 mm. The number in the marking ring indicates the inner diameter of the ring in decimeters. The usual height of the rings is 90 cm. Before you buy concrete rings intended for a well, you need to determine the diameter of the future well and the depth of the aquifer occurrence to determine the number of rings.

In general, the construction of a well made of concrete rings is not difficult in itself. First, dig a hole along the diameter of the ring and to the depth of the ring or a little more. After that, they put a ring in the pit, another on it, now it remains only to deepen the pit, and the rings will fall under their weight. At the end of the work, the joints remaining between the rings are cemented.

In addition to constructing a well for water supply, concrete wells intended for sewerage are made from rings. Moreover, such wells are used both in private and in public sewage systems. Also, due to the ability to quickly install, concrete rings are a good fit if it is necessary to make a concrete drainage well.

For the safety of people and preventing waste from entering the wells, a concrete well cover which is produced by the same manufacturers as the rings is installed on the wells. With regard to the cost of the rings, we can say that due to the long lifetime of reinforced concrete, using concrete rings designed for the production of wells, their price is quite compatible with their service life.

Кольца колодезные "с четвертью", диам. 100см, Н-90смЛюк чугунный комплект (обечайка+крышка)Люк полимерный комплект (обечайка+крышка)Крышка колодца с четвертью, диам. 100см