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Pressure flushing of sewer system

The hydrodynamic cleansing machine is designed to clean pipelines from sand, silty mud, roots, grease, other deposits and blockages. The system is based on the principle of sediment destruction by the flow of water which forms a high pressure pump. The flow passes through a special nozzle and thus creates a jet propulsion that allows you to eliminate almost any blockage in the pipes.

-Pipe cleansing inside the building
-Cleansing the sewerage in a country house
-Remove the blockage in the pipe section between the wells
-Remove the blockage in the apartment
-Cleansing sewerage systems from grease
-Preventive and technical cleansing of sewers (conclusion of contracts)
-Cleansing the sewerage system from the building to the well
-Cleansing rain showers
-Washing of sewer lines using the hydrodynamic method
-Elimination and liquidation of sewage blockages
-Cleansing and washing septic tanks, grease traps, dry toilets, etc.
-Car wash service (sand trap cleaning)
-Cleansing sewer wells
-Export of contents of sewer tanks
-Emergency work (floods, damage to the central sewer and waterways)
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Hydrodynamic pipe cleansing is efficient, environmentally friendly, effective operation.

Cleaning grease/sand traps 220 EUR/trip+km + disposal fee according to the 75+km /m3. The recycling cost is according to the 75+km/m3.

Our employees are highly professional plumbers with a priceless work experience. We use only proven, modern technologies and materials taking into account all the wishes of the customer. We guarantee a high quality! We achieve the services provided through clear planning of all the processes, implementation of the latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the professionalism of our employees.

Гидродинамическая прочистная машина для прочистки трубопроводов

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