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Plumber in Tallinn

An unpleasant situation may arise in the life of any respectable citizen living in his own or a rented house or apartment when there are any serious problems with the plumbing.
If a small leak in the faucets or a drone in the pipes can wait for some time in the process of opening the valves, then a breakthrough of water, a burst radiator or a clogged sewer require an urgent call from the plumber.

The most serious troubles can cause:
- water breakthroughs and associated cold and hot water-flooding;
- clogged sewage;
- A breakthrough of the heating system is considered to be a particularly serious case when hot water covers walls, floors and all property accessible to water.
- A no less than pleasant situation is when water does not enter your apartment at all or pours in a thin stream, while your neighbors have quite water of normal head. And how is it possible to live in a house without water?

In case of a serious emergency, you need to make an urgent call to the plumber to identify the causes of the accident and eliminate its consequences. In order to call a plumber in Tallinn, you may use the phone number listed on our website or contact us using electronic means of communication.

Our company employs experienced and qualified plumbers who will not only quickly identify and eliminate the cause of the accident, but will also try to do everything necessary so that such a situation could no longer happen again.

The plumbing competence includes the entire water supply system in the apartment and house. If it turns out that the problem is located outside your home or a water breakthrough is recorded in the heating system, then you must also invite a representative of your communal service. If a leak or other water supply problem is related to a problem in your gas column, you may need to invite a gas service representative.

In addition to eliminating the consequences of water leakage or other emergency situations, our plumbers can install, connect or change any plumbing equipment that can be installed in your home.

Our qualified specialists will help you:
- install a new mixer;
- install and connect the bath;
- install and connect the toilet;
- connect or rearrange a new water heated towel rail;
- connect a direct-flow water heater or boiler;
- install and properly connect complex household appliances that use water for their work: washing machines, dishwashers and other facilities.

In addition, our plumbers make high-quality and inexpensive replacement of the plumbing system with a modern one. We can quickly and efficiently clean even the most clogged pipes.

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